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Paprika = Natural Zeaxanthin
ZeaVision EyePromise Products are all natural supplements featuring Zeaxanthinsmall paprika derived from paprika.


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2:1 - Zeaxanthin to Lutein
A healthy fovea contains a natural 2:1 2:1 small imageratio of Zeaxanthin to Lutein.


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Scarcity of Zeaxanthin in Diet
The average US daily diet is deficient inzeaxanthin intake diagram Zeaxanthin.


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Intelligent AMD Risk Management.

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ZeaVision's Eye-Q program comprises 4 easy easy steps to Intelligent AMD Risk Management:

1. Measure macular pigment level.
2. Manage with comprehensive risk assessment, nutritional counseling & supplementation.
3. Monitor and re-measure at 6 months.
4. Maintain healthy macular pigment level.

For more information on ZeaVision's Eye-Q progam, email us at info@zeavision.com or call
(866) 833-2800.